LOFT Mother’s Day Windows

Retail Window Displays - Large Format Printing

A special homage to the mothers and daughters of ANN INC. fills the windows of LOFT stores across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

ANN INC., parent company of Ann Taylor, LOFT and Lou & Grey, offers fashion styles whose purpose is to inspire and connect with women to put their best selves forward every day.

With Mother’s Day approaching, LOFT’s visual production team approached Hatteras with a concept to honor some of their own – the hard-working, real women of ANN INC. The idea was to display large, beautiful photographs of ANN INC. mothers and daughters in LOFT windows, using ribbon to connect the photo boards together in a column pattern.

As beautiful as this concept was once live, it needed a carefully-planned packaging and execution plan for the various ceiling heights in the different window environments of LOFT stores. The window sets needed to be engineered, pre-assembled, packed and shipped in a way that store staff could easily install the displays, with pre-determined drop

lengths so that all the photo boards would install and remain level, without any error from store associate installation.

Our internal production team sourced materials and custom hardware, developed walkthrough samples and prototypes, and engineered the best way to produce the display. We tested a few approaches with real production samples in a store environment to evaluate how it performed between kitting and boxing through installation.

The final display consisted of 20” x 22” foam core photo boards that we evenly aligned using custom monofilament lengths before adhering the client-supplied ribbon. Each of the nearly 200 stores received a customized kit, meticulously packaged and labeled with pre-assembled graphics, hardware and easy instructions to self-install.

Hatteras was honored to support ANN INC. with such a special Mother’s Day window display, and we look forward to assisting with other interesting and creative projects.