2016 Seminar Kit

Hatteras + Foldfactory.com Marketing Seminar


Hatteras, Tinton Falls, New Jersey


Hatteras hosted a seminar on May 19th, 2016 featuring Trish Witkowski, president of Foldfactory.com / Rock the Mailbox. Trish is an expert in creative solutions and engagement strategies for direct mail marketing. She helps companies find creative print solutions that align with and support their marketing objectives. Trish and Hatteras collaborated to host a valuable print and cross media marketing seminar for Hatteras' clients and prospects. Hatteras designed and produced a convenient kit for the seminar attendees.


The kit was composed of the following items: a resource guide, a packet of folded samples, a personalized notebook and a carrier box to hold all of the items. The carrier box was printed on Enviro-Corr, a 100% recyclable material, on our Vutek HS125. This printer is our newest addition to the large format department. It is the seventh of its kind in the world, operating at speeds of 2000-4000 square feet per hour with resolution up to 1000 DPI. Each carrier box was printed in just 15 seconds - for both sides! The Vutek HS125 can also process materials as wide as 126” and up to 2” in thickness.

The carrier box was then digitally scored, cut and v-cut on our Zund G3 3XL digital cutting system. Our Zund G3 has a 10’ x 10’ bed which allowed us to efficiently process up to two 5’ x 10’ boards simultaneously. Hatteras recently expanded the capabilities of our Zund G3 3XL by adding v-cut tooling. This allows us to cut and create precise angles on corrugated materials like Enviro-Corr utilized for the kit. The v-cut removes the extra bulk of material from the folding crevices and creates a clean functional front flap of the carrier box. The flat sheets were then hand-assembled, creating a box with a rope handle for ease of transport.

Trish Witkowski had three valuable handouts to distribute. Hatteras came up with the creative solution to combine the three handouts into a stepped semi-concealed wire bound book with a pocket on the inside back cover. This resource guide kept all of the handouts together and organized for the attendees. Along with the resource guide, attendees also received a packet of eight uniquely folded format samples that could be utilized for direct mail marketing. All of the samples were digitally printed on our HP Indigo 7600 and 10000. Lastly, Hatteras included a personalized notebook for all of the attendees.

By combining our large format capabilities with our digital capabilities, we were able to create a memorable kit that allowed the attendees to bring educational resources back to their office to share with their teams.