Benefit Cosmetics Influencer Kits


With the rise of social media, influencer marketing’s popularity has grown tremendously and has transformed modern marketing. Although influencer marketing is used across industries, beauty companies in particular are seeing the most success.

Benefit Cosmetics wanted to bring in fresh, new faces to the brand while creating authentic engagement with its audience. Which is why they launched Club Pink, an exclusive club for up-and-coming beauty influencers. Valuing the importance of a physical brand touchpoint, Benefit Cosmetics’ marketing team wanted to create a welcome kit mailing program for new members, as well as an ongoing monthly mailing for all club members – and they turned to Hatteras for help bringing it to life. 

The goal of the mailing was not only to allow influencers to sample products, but to also provide a special unboxing experience (knowing it would be documented in influencer videos) while reinforcing the value of being a Club Pink member. They came to Hatteras with a packaging design, and needed help exploring physical prototypes, printing and assembly methods, and delivery options.

The final packaging designs consisted of two different sizes – a large welcome kit for new members, and a smaller monthly kit for all members. Both kits have pink-branded exteriors sealed with branded tape, and are covered with a gloss laminate that keeps the kits from cracking when folded while also providing protection during delivery.

The inside flap of the welcome kit features a “welcome” message, and both kits include beauty products wrapped in branded tissue paper, finished with oval Club Pink stickers.

Benefit Cosmetics sends Hatteras two mailing lists each month. Pre-printed by Hatteras, the boxes are allocated from inventory, and then hand-assembled with supplied products and the branded finishing components described above. The finished packages are sealed with shrink-wrap, given address labels and then sent off to Benefit’s brand advocates.

Hatteras was happy to help Benefit Cosmetics bring its new influencer mailing program to life, while helping to demonstrate how offline marketing can drive online results.