Five Key Factors for Planning a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

We’re living in a new world, at least for the time being. The Covid-19 pandemic has put many of our personal and professional routines on hold.

One change you may have noticed is a big drop in the volume of mail in your mailbox. Uncertainty has caused some marketers to put campaigns on hold. But while caution has taken over some, opportunity has been created for others – a tremendous opportunity to ‘own the mailbox’ and have your brand message play a starring role in someone’s day.

Direct mail remains one of the most trusted communication methods. It provides a welcome brand touchpoint that can complement online marketing strategies and, when planned carefully, can generate among the highest response rates of any marketing channel.

Especially in today’s environment of social distancing, direct mail can be used as a physical touchpoint to reconnect with customers, re-invigorate brand awareness, and even inform your target audience about your business’s re-opening plans as a way to build anticipation and reassure people about safety guidelines.

Even though we’re living in this new world, many of the long-standing best practices for direct mail success still apply.  Assuming you have a good, targeted list and a brand messaging strategy ready to go, below are five things to consider to help maximize success as you plan your direct mail campaign.

  1. The Power of Personalization. One of the biggest drivers of a strong response rate is your ability to tailor a communication to the recipient. It all starts with good data and what you know about your customers or target audience. Using this information, along with the latest advances in digital printing, you can personalize each piece with a combination of customized imagery and text to create a true one-to-one brand experience.  
  2. A Nice Touch. Imagine the feel of a silky-smooth rose petal between your fingers or running your hand down the butter-soft leather seat of a luxury car. The sensation of touch is the most basic of human senses. Adding a textural element to your mailing – such as a soft touch coating – could be just the element that gets you noticed and makes a lasting impression with your prospective customers. 
  3. Form and Function. Adding some structure and dimension to your mail piece can create a sense of discovery for the recipient. Using creative folds, pop-outs, sliders, or interesting shapes helps to increase engagement and make your brand message more memorable. Be sure to ask your printer to produce prototypes that you can hold in your hand and ensure form and function come to together as envisioned. 
  4. Integrate with Digital. Studies have shown that when direct mail and digital campaigns are paired together, response rates increase by as much as 118%!  Design your direct mail campaign to drive online results – and vice-versa.  Online shopping behavior can be used to send a highly personalized direct mail offer that lands in someone’s hands within just days – using timing and relevance to maximize results.
  5. Postal Sense. There’s a lot of money to be saved in the way you have your direct mail campaign designed and delivered. Be sure to work with a printer that’s a USPS Full-Service Mail Service Provider that fully understands all the postal guidelines and the most efficient way to design and deliver your piece for maximum savings. It’s also important you bring your printer into discussions early on so they can guide you towards the right solution for your budget.

Incorporating any one of these approaches can help you see improved response rates from your next direct mail campaign. But leveraging all five should help you produce maximum results and return on your marketing dollars.

Hatteras has nearly 40 years of experience in providing smart printing and mailing solutions that help marketers meet and achieve their marketing and brand objectives. Let our team of experts help you engineer a direct mail program that’s designed for success and fits your budget.

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Let's make something incredible