Hatteras Organizes Donation Drive to Help U.S. Soldiers Overseas

Hatteras is more than a commercial printing company – we are a family who supports each other every single day. One of our company cornerstones is that “each person is important”. Together we are a team, and there is nothing we can’t accomplish if we work together. This held true last month as Hatteras came together to support an employee and his two sons – identical twins deployed with the U.S. Army overseas.

Understanding how tough it is to leave family, friends and other familiarities behind, Hatteras employees hosted a donation drive and prepared care packages that were sent to them, as well as others in their unit – totaling 15 boxes filled with generous donations! Way to go Team Hatteras!

Hatteras wants to thank all soldiers and their families for their service and sacrifice – your bravery doesn’t go unnoticed.

Read more about the twins’ deployment here.

Let's make something incredible

Let's make something incredible