Hatteras University: Unleash the Power of Print – Seminar Recap

Hatteras University’s seminar, ‘Unleash the Power of Print’, was a great success and we’re honored to have hosted so many wonderful print and marketing professionals at our headquarters. We’d like to thank everyone who attended!

Here’s a video recap of the day’s events!

At Hatteras, we strive to deliver value to our customers beyond our day-to-day exchanges. As part of our Hatteras University program, we recently hosted ‘Unleash the Power of Print’, a seminar that educated nearly 100 print and marketing professionals on how savvy marketers are using print as a powerful consumer touchpoint and way to break-through the sea of digital advertising. Designer and Brand Strategist, Vicki Strull, shared real-world examples of how brands are leveraging data and digital technologies to drive high-impact print campaigns. Jay Wedin, from International Paper, provided us with insight about sustainability, and touched on some interesting facts on how today’s forests are not only growing, but thriving. Each attendee received a hands-on tour of our facility, where they were able to observe and experience our dynamic operation in action. They were also given the opportunity to speak with representatives from Hatteras’ premier paper suppliers, International Paper and GPA Specialty Substrates.

“We’re here to solve problems, and make your lives a little bit easier,” mentioned Hatteras President, Bill Duerr. “It was a great day and we feel we achieved our goal in delivering value to both our customers and staff.”

Couldn’t attend? Contact your sales rep, or connect with us today to schedule a tour of our facility.

Let's make something incredible

Let's make something incredible