The Pillars of Strength: Ensuring Structural Integrity in Your Packaging Design

Packaging needs to be more than aesthetically pleasing in the world of folding cartons. It also needs to protect the contents. This means creating the perfect balance between appearance and functionality. 

Let’s look at some key considerations for ensuring the structural integrity of your next folding carton package.

Material Durability and Strength

 The choice of materials is at the heart of every structurally sound folding carton packaging. Consider factors such as compression resistance, puncture resilience, and moisture protection. Opt for high-quality, sturdy materials that align with the product’s size, shape, and weight and the environmental conditions to which it might be exposed (heat, humidity, extreme temperatures).

From Right to Left: Director, Structural Innovation & Design Jared Jones, Product Development Coordinator Kaitlin Rocco, and Hatteras Structural Designer Marisol Tello

Hatteras’ Director of Structural Innovation & Design, Jared Jones, says “A critical detail in folding carton package design is grain direction – something that packaging printers should be aware of and, if neglected, can have a dramatic impact to end use performance.”

Weight Distribution and Load-Bearing Capacity

Understand the weight distribution of the packaged product and its impact on the carton structure. This means carefully assessing the load-bearing capacity of the chosen carton design, ensuring that it can withstand the product’s weight during storage, transportation, and handling. Certain products may need reinforcement mechanisms and strategic folding configurations to distribute the weight and prevent structural deformation.

Functional Ergonomics and User Handling

Consider the end user’s needs to ensure ease of handling and product accessibility. How will the packaging be opened? How will the product be removed? Ensure intuitive opening and closure, convenient product placement, and, if necessary, ergonomic grip features that facilitate a positive user experience.

Dimensional Precision and Fit Accuracy

 Make sure the product is securely enclosed. Consider all of the product’s dimensions, add in any necessary support structures (such as paperboard rings around bottles or tubes), and ensure a snug and precise fit that prevents unnecessary movement and potential damage. 

Structural Reinforcements and Sealing Mechanisms

Not only does the packaging need to withstand handling, but it needs to withstand the rigors of transportation and distribution. Will you need to incorporate reinforced edges, corner protections, and secure sealing methods, such as adhesive bonding or tamper-evident closures, to protect the packaging from manufacturing to the shelf? 

Folding carton packaging is a marvel of design creativity and structural engineering. With a little planning, you can ensure that your packaging designs are beautiful and strong!  The packaging experts at Hatteras are here to guide you through the process. 

Let's make something incredible

Let's make something incredible