USPS Full Service Mail Service Provider Certification

We are excited to announce that Hatteras recently became certified as a USPS Full Service Mail Service Provider (MSP). We are now one of only 53 companies nationwide to achieve this certification. Read about the certification here: Full-Service Certified Mail Service Providers (MSP) Information Sheet

In the past year, we have actively pursued this certification. To meet the high USPS standards, we made significant changes through software upgrades, more efficient data processing methods, and tighter controls over mail preparation and fulfillment departments.

Here are some of the criteria that we had to meet for at least 3 consecutive months in order for the USPS to consider our certification application:

  • At least 90% of mail must be submitted as Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode mailings (we submit over 99% of mail with Full Service Intelligent Barcodes)
  • Errors must stay below a set of pre-established thresholds (which are measured on all live pieces in the mail stream – not just a small sample when we deliver to our postal acceptance unit)
  • Mail preparation/bundling/containerization must match the electronic files we upload to the USPS
  • All documentation and mail prep detail must be submitted via electronic files

Along with this certification, we have also been approved for the following USPS programs over the last several months: Co-palletization, eInduction, and Mail Anywhere

How does this benefit our clients?

Our clients can take advantage of many perks that come with our new certification. The following are some of the benefits of partnering with us. 

  • Lower postage:  $0.003 additional discount for Presorted First Class, and $0.001 additional discount for Presorted Standard 
  • Informed Visibility:  mail is prepared to higher USPS standards, which allows for increased visibility by linking pieces to bundles, bundles  to containers, and tracking the progress of containers through the processing facilities (in most cases)
  • Ability to take advantage of high volume USPS programs, such as co-palletization, which results in significant destination entry postage discounts
  • As a Full Service MSP, our customers to take advantage of periodic USPS promotions and incentives, which can earn either up front postage discounts or postage rebates at the end of the promotion period 

Here is the link to the current promotions: Mailing Promotions

With the recent stamp of approval from USPS, now more than ever, you can confidently seek Hatteras for all of your direct mail needs!

Let's make something incredible

Let's make something incredible