What’s in a Name?

Name (n): a word or term used for identification

Names are unique. They identify a single thing or individual and are often the foundation of one’s identity.

Your name is one of the first things someone learns about you, and what they will use to recall you later. It represents who you are as an individual and distinguishes you.

Brand names function the same. They are the building blocks for developing brand awareness – how a company is perceived in the eyes of its customers.

In 2009, Hatteras made the insightful decision to change its name from Hatteras Press to Hatteras, with the tagline “Create. Print. Communicate.” Rather than the perception of being exclusively a printer as the name Hatteras Press suggested, we had the foresight to recognize the evolution of the industry and the expansion beyond ink and paper.

Today, we are Hatteras – still known for our printing expertise, but without limiting ourselves to the traditional perception. Our name, while shorter, has expanded our identity; it allows us to be recognized for all that we do, and the unique capabilities we have.

Let's make something incredible

Let's make something incredible