DefinedLogic LLC

Monmouth University Handbook


DefinedLogic LLC, Red Bank, New Jersey


Monmouth University is a private mid-sized university located in West Long Branch, New Jersey. As a part of their higher education evolvement, Monmouth University set out to create a comprehensive plan for their students that would provide them with tools to succeed. DefinedLogic, an accomplished creative agency, was entrusted with designing a website and a handbook to feature this plan. The handbook would be mailed or distributed to prospective students. Hatteras partnered with DefinedLogic for the production of the handbook.


The handbook is a 40 page + cover perfect bound book. The stock choices - textured felt cover, translucent vellum first and last pages, and gloss text pages - create an interesting contrast of textures and invites touch. The cover is foil stamped and die-cut, so that the tree image printed on a translucent page is seen through.

DefinedLogic designed a beautiful website and handbook for Monmouth University. Hatteras was committed to fabricating the book, staying true to its design. To ensure this, Hatteras created several different full size prototypes of the handbook in various stock options and foil stamping options.