ILUMYA Welcome Kit

Pharmaceutical Patient Support Kit

Sun Pharmaceuticals, the largest Indian pharmaceutical company in the United States, is a multinational company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra with its U.S. headquarters in Princeton, NJ.

Planning for the launch of their new prescription medication, ILUMYA™, the Sun Pharma marketing team had an idea for a welcome kit that brought together all their support tools in one place, creating a smooth experience as patients started their treatment journey. They turned to Hatteras for help bringing this idea to life.

They wanted the welcome kit to contain three brochures, along with a component that encouraged patients to interact with a unique digital support program.

After several rounds of prototyping (ensuring all pieces fit correctly), the final kit design was approved. It featured a multi-component, interactive organizer, opening up to four panels, three of which had pockets. To create an easy and organized way for patients to navigate through the tools and information provided, the pockets were labeled sequentially, and a specific brochure fit snugly into each pocket. A die cut cell phone-shaped cutout was affixed to the fourth panel and used as a call-to-action, prompting patients to send a text message to receive a personalized treatment schedule from ILUMYA SUPPORT™.

Other components of the kit included a formal welcome letter, and an exterior carrying case that featured magnetic closures to help secure the kit in place, while also providing a nice unboxing experience. All components of the kit, including the pocket organizer, were produced using soft touch and spot gloss UV coatings, helping to enhance the product’s overall look and feel, and to further drive engagement.

Hatteras produced over 25,000 kits that were conventionally printed on our Heidelberg XL 106, die cut, hand-assembled, and drop-shipped to different locations. The team at Sun Pharmaceuticals was extremely pleased with the final product, and shared that even the physicians and their office staff have been complimentary, and have seen the value this kit brings to their patients. 

Hatteras couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of this collaboration, and the positive feedback Sun Pharmaceuticals has seen.