Window Displays


LeSportsac, New York, New York


LeSportsac is a leading international manufacturer of high performance designer and casual bags. They offer a wide range of carrier styles, ranging from small pouches to luggage in unique prints. It is essential that LeSportsacs’ storefront window displays are inviting to consumers and an accurate representation of the brand. At the start of the new year, it was time to refresh the LeSportsac window displays. LeSportsac and Hatteras joined forces to execute a seven store roll-out of window displays in their Asia locations.


The completed project was shipped to seven different international locations. On-site LeSportsac associates were tasked with assembling and installing the displays. Given this implementation, it was very important that the deliverables for this project were shipped and packed properly for international travel, and were easy to assemble. Each drop shipment included an instruction sheet for the construction and installation of the graphics. The display consisted of tables, hanging shelves and window decals. The tables are built with two pieces of Foamcore interlocked in a crosshair pattern with a third piece laid on top as the table surface.

This clever configuration made the assembly process uncomplicated and allowed us to ship the pieces flat for safety. The hanging shelves were also flat pieces of Foamcore with small holes for clear strings to hang.

Our challenge was to come up with a solution for window displays that was practical and attention-grabbing. Hatteras has a great team of problem solvers who rose to the occasion to deliver realistic solutions. The final displays were successful in meeting the requirements of this project; the Lesportac window displays complimented the brand handbags while creating intrigue for the passer-by audience.