LOFTimist Window Campaign


Celebrating the power of optimism and individuality in LOFT windows across North America.

The term #LOFTimist was created by the LOFT Marketing team and defined as “a sunny-side-of-the-street, glass half-full, happy-go-lucky, fun-loving kind of person who knows there’s no one way to dress, no one way to look, no one way to love LOFT.”

To build awareness and celebrate the meaning of being a LOFTimist, the visual team at LOFT was tasked with designing elements for their February window campaign that would be rolled-out in stores across North America, while dubbing February 20, 2020 as National Loftimist Day.

The concept was to present a grid layout of images displaying how LOFT merchandise could be worn by everyone, while having some of the images popping-off the grid via hanging boards to create depth and dimension.

Hatteras started with prototypes, testing materials and hanging hardware to simulate live displays. Once everything was tested and color-proofed, we moved forward with producing all the hanging foam boards and large window backdrops, which included various sizes and display configurations based on store size and window environment.

Much care went into kitting and shipping, with protective barriers designed-into the packing of materials to ensure safe delivery. Each graphic was labeled to align with included window schematics for easy-to-follow installation by store staff. 

Hatteras was pleased to support the LOFT Marketing team with another successful window execution and help bring their National Loftimist Day window concept to life.