Craig Cutler


Craig Cutler Studio, New York, New York


Craig Cutler is an accomplished New York and Los Angeles based director and photographer. He has been widely recognized for his genuine portraits and unique still life photography. Craig Cutler uses a Leica camera to capture some inspiring images in his travels. These images are featured in his latest book, Mono, and Hatteras was entrusted with its production.


The end result was a 44 page + cover saddle-stitch book. The cover was printed with 90% black and a registered emboss. Keeping with the monochromatic theme, the stitches are also black to blend nicely with the grey cover stock. The text pages were printed conventionally with a unique printing technique - using only two hits of black and Pantone Cool Gray 5 we are able to broaden the grayscale range, while retaining all the details of the image. This printing process also reduces the visibility of the traditional rosette pattern that occurs in conventional printing.

In the planning stages of this project, Hatteras printed cover tests showing the ink gradients from 10% to 100% on the grey stock. This test became a visual standard that helped Craig Cutler Studio confidently decide on the right shade to display the Mono title. Hatteras was committed to meeting the artistic vision for this project. We understand the importance of detail and image reproduction when printing creative photography and are always working on innovative solutions.