The New York Women's Foundation


The New York Women’s Foundation, New York, New York


The New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) is a cross-cultural alliance of women catalyzing partnerships and leveraging human and financial capital to achieve sustained economic security and justice for women and girls in New York City. Since its inception in 1987, NYWF has hosted an annual Celebrating Women Breakfast (CWB) that serves as their primary fundraising event and celebrates the efforts of all their alumnae, volunteers, grantee partners, and notable figures who make a difference in their communities.


Emmanuel Andre, COO of TBWA\Worldwide and a brilliant photographer, attended the 2014 CWB and was inspired by the spirit and passion that he witnessed. As a result, he proposed a project that would honor the work of NYWF’s grantee partners who have made profound contributions to their communities. The end result was a 190 page + cover perfect-bound book featuring portrait photos taken by Emmanuel of 46 grantee partner organizations and hundreds of individuals who have made profound contributions to their communities.

The cover is printed with a full double hit of PMS yellow, clear foil stamped, and then embossed. All of the portraits in the book are black and white. It was of utmost importance that we did not lose the integrity and the depth of the photographs in the printing process. To overcome this challenge, we used a special technique of printing with two blacks and a grey. This technique resulted in superior quality prints, as well as time and cost savings. In the early stages of planning, Hatteras was able to produce a digital prototype of the book to show what the book would look like for the NYFW launch event. Hatteras, NYWF and TBWA\Worldwide joined forces to come up with creative solutions and produce a meaningful keepsake within the given budget and timeline.

Client Testimonial

We were thrilled to have the beauty and grace of our amazing community of grantee partners captured so exquisitely in portraits by Emmanuel Andre. Hatteras understood the challenges involved in printing such brilliant photos, and offered ideas to meet our goals and very firm timeline for delivery at our annual breakfast. The final printed results are truly Radiant!

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