Rutgers University 2019 Student Acceptance Mailing

Direct Mail

As many parents and college-bound students know, that highly-anticipated college acceptance letter is a very special communication to receive. It represents years of hard work, and life experiences to come.

So, when Rutgers University, New Jersey’s premier public university and eighth oldest higher education institution in the United States, wanted to produce something a little extra special to welcome students into their
university, Hatteras jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand. 

The Rutgers Admissions team wanted to create something different from the traditional 9x12 envelope and letter – something a little more fun, interactive, and personalized with multiple branded inserts. They brought Hatteras into the early planning stages so that we could help brainstorm and collaborate on different approaches.

After several rounds of prototypes (to ensure all the pieces were carefully sized and fit snugly into each pocket), the final mailer was approved. It featured an envelope that functioned as a carrier as well as a way to organize and showcase all the interior communications. One of the ideas Rutgers suggested was a ‘tear strip’ that, when pulled-open, revealed the big news: “YOU’RE IN!”, enhancing the opening/unboxing experience for the student. 

The formal acceptance letter fit in a pocket that was printed digitally and personalized with the student’s name in large type. Other components included a ‘Next Steps’ letter, a multi-page ‘Academic Life’ brochure, a ‘Save the Date’ insert, and a school decal – all carefully designed and inserted into their own place. There was also a Snap Chat lens for students to interact with. All the acceptance packets were printed, hand-assembled and mailed in-house by Hatteras.

The team at Rutgers was extremely pleased with the final direct mail product and received feedback from visiting students and parents that out of all the offers they received, the Rutgers acceptance mailing was by far the best one.

Hatteras was honored to support Rutgers’ 2019 campaign, and wishes incoming students a successful freshman year!