Hatteras worked with footwear company, Skechers, in crafting an immersive pop-up event space to promote the launch of their latest sneaker collaboration with renowned Belgian artist, Vexx. Watch the vibrant scene come to life in the video below.

Typically hosted in a unique space for just a few hours or a few days, pop-ups events can provide an effective and creative way for brands to introduce new products to influencers and media professionals.

As an established global footwear brand recognized for its diverse and stylish shoe designs, Skechers recently joined forces with renowned Belgian artist, Vexx, to release a collaborative shoe line called Skechers x Vexx that features the artist’s unique “doodle” style of art. To promote the launch, Skechers wanted to create an experiential pop-up event that brought the artist’s distinctive style to life on a grand scale, while allowing influencers and PR professionals an opportunity to meet the artist in person.

With a quick production timeline, Hatteras jumped at the opportunity to help transform this plain room into an immersive experience. Our large format department printed vinyl wraps for walls, windows and floors, and produced dimensional cutouts and other oversized graphics to adorn the space.

The same-day installation and de-installation for this 3-hour event went off without a hitch. The result was a colorfully-branded environment that served as an ideal surrounding for product introductions and selfie moments, turning Skechers’ original vision into a collaborative reality.

Let's make something incredible

Let's make something incredible